Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Shul History

Young Israel of Memphis, originally started as Keser Torah in 1998, is one of the many synagogues affiliated with the National Council of Young Israel. Since inception, we have grown to over 90 families and have had 2 Torah dedications.

YIOM prides itself in being a Torah center of Jewish awareness for the Memphis community, where people of all backgrounds are welcome to explore the beauty of traditional Torah values and fervent prayer in an atmosphere of acceptance and warm southern hospitality.

A young, vibrant, and growing congregation, YIOM provides a full array of classes and social functions for its members.


Tefila Times

Shabbos September 22, 2018
י"ג תשרי התשע"ט
Parshas Ha'Azinu
Shacharis: 7, 8:45
Mincha: 6:25
Havdala/Maariv: 7:46

Sunday September 23, 2018
י"ד תשרי התשע"ט
Erev Sukkos
Shacharis: 8:00
Mincha: 6:36
Candlelighting: 6:36

Monday September 24, 2018
ט"ו תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos I
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:40
Candlelighting: 7:43

Tuesday September 25, 2018
ט"ז תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos II
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:35
Havdala/Maariv: 7:41

Wednesday September 26, 2018
י"ז תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos III (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:35
Maariv: 7:05

Thursday September 27, 2018
י"ח תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos IV (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:35
Maariv: 7:03

Friday September 28, 2018
י"ט תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos V (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:29
Candlelighting: 6:29