Monday, October 14, 2019
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Young Israel of Memphis

Within the Jewish community of Memphis, the “Capital of the Mid-South”, rests the heart of Southern Hospitality. To the membership of the Young Israel of Memphis, it’s more than just hospitality; it’s a way of Jewish life. Our membership remains at the forefront of Chessed projects in our community.

From Scholar-in-Residence programs to opening our homes to travelers from all over the world, the Young Israel of Memphis acts as the lighthouse to the soul of our community. Spreading Torah, Kiruv projects, children’s programming and social programming make the Young Israel family a close knit community of Torah Observant Jews who strive to make a difference in the lives of its membership, our community, Israel and Klal Yisrael at large.

Tefila Times

Monday October 14, 2019
ט"ו תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos I
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:10
Candlelighting: 7:15

Tuesday October 15, 2019
ט"ז תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos II
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:10
Havdala/Maariv: 7:14

Wednesday October 16, 2019
י"ז תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos III (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:10
Maariv: 6:38

Thursday October 17, 2019
י"ח תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos IV (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:10
Maariv: 6:37

Friday October 18, 2019
י"ט תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos V (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:02
Candlelighting: 6:02

Shabbos October 19, 2019
כ' תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos VI (CH''M)
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 5:50
Havdala/Maariv: 7:09

Sunday October 20, 2019
כ"א תשרי התש"פ
Sukkos VII (Hoshana Raba)
Shacharis: 8:00
Mincha: 6:00
Candlelighting: 6:00