Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Tefila Times

Shabbos September 22, 2018
י"ג תשרי התשע"ט
Parshas Ha'Azinu
Shacharis: 7, 8:45
Mincha: 6:25
Havdala/Maariv: 7:46

Sunday September 23, 2018
י"ד תשרי התשע"ט
Erev Sukkos
Shacharis: 8:00
Mincha: 6:36
Candlelighting: 6:36

Monday September 24, 2018
ט"ו תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos I
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:40
Candlelighting: 7:43

Tuesday September 25, 2018
ט"ז תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos II
Shacharis: 8:45
Mincha: 6:35
Havdala/Maariv: 7:41

Wednesday September 26, 2018
י"ז תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos III (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:35
Maariv: 7:05

Thursday September 27, 2018
י"ח תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos IV (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:35
Maariv: 7:03

Friday September 28, 2018
י"ט תשרי התשע"ט
Sukkos V (CH''M)
Shacharis: 6:30, 8
Mincha: 6:29
Candlelighting: 6:29